We use our business to help children with critical illnesses feel better.

Good spirits are a crucial part of the healing journey. We fund the production of Mini WooCaps for our little friends in therapy, by using part of our net profits on WooCaps sold. We donate them by partnering with amazing organizations who help us by defining their needs & distributing our WooCaps to the children.
Mini WooCaps come in beanies, scull-caps & special dino, princess, pirate & unicorn cuts and they are scaled to fit three different age groups: 2-5, 6-11 and 12+.They are designed especially for children in therapy and their sole purpose is to make them happy – even for just a moment. Thus, they are designed with extra love and extra magic.

Mini WooCaps are not sold, they are offered by WooCaps. Yet, even if you are not a doctor but still want to help, you can do it by offering one - or more - Mini WooCaps Donation Card(s)!