Do you own a business that uses caps?

We would love to team up with super-brands that will become super-hero-brands just by changing the disposable caps they use in their production process to cloth ones.

Disposable caps are a huge waste, fit poorly, feel sweaty and uncomfortable & most importantly are less effective at preventing contamination from the cloth ones*. 

We will gladly design your business' very own, custom-made, branded WooCap, to be used in the production premises, replacing the disposable caps currently used.

By replacing disposable caps with WooCaps, your business will manage to cater at the same time 3 CSR pillars:

Environment by producing less waste

Workplace by offering to personnel a comfortable & personal alternative to the existing one

Society since we will jointly donate Mini WooCaps to one of the organisations WooCaps already help or any other medical or children-related cause of your choice.

*American College of Surgeons/ Hats Off Study/ 103rd Annual Clinical Congress, October 2017

Just send us an e-mail & we will contact you asap!