The launching of WooCaps has been quite a journey!

It started as a small idea and developed into a full grown business.

We dreamed of creating the best products in the world. So we questioned everything.

Designs, cuts, fabrics, production, mantra.

We managed to get people, companies and organisations on board, that at first, seemed impossible to do.
We couldn't have done it this way, without our friends, who believed in our dream.

So, big up to:

Popi for being such a super-awesomely-talented designer and chef. 
Ioanna for finding Barbara and getting her on-board. 
Barbara for going the extra mile on prototyping each and every WooCap, despite her busy schedule
Haris for shooting the most awesome product photos in the world. 
Ioannis for having our back with fine-prints and contracts. 
Yiouli & Nikos for being willing to share Jo's story in public & for helping us out with all NGOs. But most of all, for having Jo. 
Panagiotis for casting his Excel, P&L & numbers magic all over.
Vasileios for offering to become our guinea pig during our R&D process.  
Periklis for stress-testing our prototypes in the O.R., along with his team.
Yannis for all the digital wisdom he shares with us.
Ebelina for sewing the very first WooCap sample on her kitchen bench, between a toast-maker and a coffee machine.
Babis for keeping track of our financial stuff, 24/7.
Ersi for sharing her valuable experiences.
Costas for thinking about liquid code, even while surfing.
Aris for his valuable late-late-night walkthroughs.
Tolis for proof-reading all of our million-billion-zillion texts on the site.
Natassa & Chryssa for being the first in the world to make a purchase, while in beta testing.
Athina for being the first in the world to check out, just minutes after going live.
Petros for being the first in the world to put a custom-designed order for his ENT/ Plastic Surgery practice in Germany. 
Michael & Tina for coming from Germany to Greece to spend a month with us, to end up spending a month looking at us in front of our computers.
Aggelis, Thanos and Alekos for their huge excitement and unbelievable patience all this time. 
And all friends who help WooCaps grow, in their own way!