We started from scratch, questioning everything. And everyone! We wanted nothing less than perfect. Perfect fit, perfect comfort, perfect looks. So, we needed magic (and almost two years of R&D) to create something that would woo you.


We set to create the most stylish scrub caps in the world.

So, we teamed up with Barbara Carbonell, Professor at Berlin University of Arts who specialises in Costume Design, in order to create from scratch, the best cuts possible to suit both doctors and little patients!
WooCaps come in 5 different styles: skull cap, long-hair cap, loose beanie, full face & beret hat (the last two will available at the end of 2020), offering the choice of tighter or looser -but always perfect- fit without weird edges sticking out. Still, they are stretchy enough to come in one size that will greatly fit all!


At WooCaps, we find inspiration in heroes.

So, we offer–among others– a great selection of medical-specialty-specific designs which are ready-to-order: hearts, brains, bones, kidneys, eyes, thyroid glands; anything you operate on, we have it! We can even design one just for you, with our custom-made service!  Although WooCaps are bright & joyful, they always come with a black label on the side and a black string or tie-back. This is to pay a tribute to all super-heroes that fought, but didn't make it through their final battle. It is also a reminder about why WooCaps exist. 


We thought long and hard about the material that we would use for WooCaps.  

We researched about the main reasons of discomfort for doctors while wearing scrub caps: poor fit, heavy, hot and sticky feeling after a few hours in the OR.
What we needed was a performance fabric: extremely light-weighted, with good air permeability and the same time good stability, excellent moisture management and wicking performance. The same kind of fabric that athletes need when trying to outperform.
WooCaps fabric is made with COOLMAX® Ecomade (>90% comes from the recycling of post-consumer plastic bottles) fibre and freshFX® technology with Silver Ions. Our six-channel fibre delivers dependable cooling performance by transporting moisture away from the body to the surface of your WooCap, where it evaporates quickly. This creates a highly desired cooling effect, keeping you dry and comfortable, while the incorporation of silver ions in the fibre creates a permanent antibacterial effect which is odour-eliminating. More than that, COOLMAX® offers permanent sun protection (UPF 40+ with 97.5% UV block rate) which makes it perfect for Mini WooCaps. 
Our fabric is piqué on the outside for a stylish, sophisticated look, with a brushed finishing on the inside to offer the softest, most comfortable feeling. 
Our textile production is certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class I which ensures that from the initial fibre of the yarn to the end of the garment manufacturing, there isn't any dangerous chemical treatment which may affect human health or the environment. Class I, the highest classification level, makes every WooCap suitable even for babies up to 3 years old.



WooCaps are handmade one-by-one, with the highest quality standards.

We print every WooCap by dye-sublimation using state-of-the-art high resolution printers with certified inks, safe even for baby clothing. We then pass the dyed fabric through quality control, cut it to pattern and sew it to perfection. We check that there’s not even one tiny flaw on it and pack it to send it away.