Jovanna is our little friend, our super hero. 

When she was 3 years old, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. While Jovanna was in chemotherapy, she started losing her hair. One Friday afternoon, her mom, Yiouli, called our WooCaps Fairy, Dimitra, and asked if she would have some spare time to look around to find for Jovanna a cap so that her hair wouldn’t fall in her food. Her exact words were “We need a cap, a soft one, like the ones that surgeons wear in the O.R.”. She was looking in stores for around 6 hours & she was able to find only 2 hats that could only slightly resemble to what Yiouli had asked for. When she got to the hospital, Jovanna was having dinner with a pair of underpants on her hair. She was very happy with her new hat solution, even though they were not fitting well, the fabric was kind of awful and the design was horrific. She still remembers those hats even today, when her hair has beautifully grown back and she is happy & healthy.
That day, in that children’s hospital room, an idea was born.


Doctors are heroes.
Their caps – not capes – should help them feel at their best, to release all their super-healing powers. Somehow, they don’t. Disposable scrub caps – apart from being a huge waste – are less effective at preventing contamination in the OR from cloth ones, a recent study shows. Cloth scrub caps, on the other hand, are fancy and personal – yet not always personalized - but they could feel uncomfortable, hot, heavy & sweaty in long operating procedures.

Children struggling with cancer are super heroes.
They are asked to do the unimaginable. Leave their untroubled childhood behind and fight the fight of their lives. When in chemotherapy it is most probable that they will lose their hair. Although there is nothing shameful about that, on the contrary it is the sign of a very brave warrior, it may be a reason for distress, especially in the first period when the hair starts to fall. 

In WooCaps, we right both wrongs at once, with a secret magic formula consisting of inspiration, handcraft, super-high-tech and loads of love.

For Jo -

We promise Jovanna that from now on, all her brave friends will have one more ally and one less thing to worry about. We will pull some magic tricks to ensure that she will be very proud of what her adventure inspired us to create.

As for our heroes in scrubs, we promise to craft the best scrub caps ever: the most comfortable, the best-looking ones, but most importantly the more meaningful ones.