Mercedes-Benz Hellas Volunteer Team #love2give

The sole purpose of Mini WooCaps is to help our little friends in therapy cheer up, even for a bit. Good spirits are a crucial part of the healing procedure. Good deeds, on the other hand, are a crucial part of making our world a better place. This is a shared belief among the wonderful team of volunteers at Mercedes-Benz Hellas, who #love2give and a few days before Easter, decided to support WooCaps' cause, by donating 66 Mini WooCaps to children with chemotherapy-induced alopecia.
Wrapped with love & a ton of wishes for a fast recovery, our Mini WooCaps were gifted to mini super-heroes both treated at "Mitera" Hospital's Oncology Clinic and hosted at "Floga Pan-hellenic Parents’ Association of Children with Neoplasmatic Disease" Guest House.
A whole-hearted "thank you" to each and every one of the members of this amazing team, who do, actually, make our world a better place.